Rehoming your pet? Here are 3 ways how to cope!

Rehoming your pet? Here are 3 ways how to cope!

Rehoming your pet can be one of the most difficult and anxious decisions a person can make in life. It can be a very complex situation. You always advocate for what’s best for your pet and realizing what is best for your pet sometimes means not being with you. Whatever your reason may be why you are considering rehoming your pet, please take into consideration that both – you and your pet need to be in a happy state of mind which can be provided by the lifestyle you live. To raise a happy state of mind in your pet, you must take care of you. Therefore, sometimes, people think that bringing a pet will help them feel happy or fill that void they feel/have in their lives. Even though it can truly be like that (because having pet brings you joy), it can sometimes be overwhelmingly. Especially, when you expect your pet to make you happier. The goal is to have a companion in your life that can make you happy while that you bring happiness, care, and exceed all expectations of love and patience.


Therefore, if you are considering rehoming your pet because you have accepted that you are lacking in providing the best care for your pet or because you are in a position that having a pet is not healthy for you and your pet, we are sharing these steps how to cope with this painful and sad situation:


  1. Acceptance

When you accept that rehoming your pet is what’s best for them, then you are giving the first step of this painful process. In this process is always a great idea to find a happy and lovely home for your pet. Making sure your pet will be happy and safe in their new home is an enormous feeling of gracefulness and the remorse can be replaced by forgiveness.


  1. Forgiveness

You must forgive yourself from not being able to keep your fur friend. For you to stay strong during this process, you should understand that sometimes you just did what is best for your pet. Recognizing your feelings and taking positive actions can lead you to heal in a process by grieving your pet.


  1. Grieve

Express your feelings! Before and after rehoming your pet is always good to express your feeling by crying, journaling, writing a letter to your pet, and making sure that your pet can have something that will remember you. This can be a favorite toy that you both play with, so he can always have that special something of you. Grieving can take some time. Therefore, please do not feel rush to close this chapter. On the other hand, make sure to grieve in all the best ways you can because you deserve it.


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